Quality Charter of the Federation



The French Federation of Manual Techniques for Stress Management and the trainer pledge themselves to:


Promote an ethic in the art of massaging and a quality teaching in small groups.

Hand in an end-of-training certificate at the end of the 3 day course and a diploma sanctioning the end of the first and second years of the advanced course, as well as the related invoice.


Collaborate on the drawing up of the application for a possible contribution by a Training Organization regarding the training costs (but the entry conditions will still apply and there will be no refund in case of a refusal by the Training Organization).


Support the student during his/her career (through the Federation's network and the fact the Federation attends many professional events like the fairs MEDECINE DOUCE, ZEN or NOUVELLES ESTHETIQUES, and eventually, meetings with some professionals of the massage art…),


Defend its members thanks to its advices and actions within the framework of the law.



The student pledges herself/himself to:


Keep confidential the teaching she/he receives and forbid herself/himself to claim being a teacher or an assistant in the taught subjects.


Attend the selected course from beginning to end, i.e. three days for the introductory course, either 10 or 20 days for the yearly advanced courses, and to respect the agreed hours (for the time being from 10 am to 5 pm with breaks).

 (NB: lateness and no-show won't be tolerated but for serious reasons and will have to be caught up, if not the course will be interrupted at once with no compensation or refund)


Pay entirely the course's price on the first day of course at the latest.


Practise, within the frame of the advanced course, at least 30 massages over a year, 60 massages over two years, as well as one massage to the trainer at the end of each course year before the issue of the diploma.


Display appropriate clothing, manners and behaviour towards the trainer and the other students (in particular no mobile phones during the coures).


Have the required equipment (including tee shirt, leggings, socks and a large towel, all of these in cotton).


Actively take part, subject to her/his availability, in the Federation's activities, and to provide support and help to the other members of the Federation.