The organic skin care line

In the continuity of the beauty treatments she has been creating for 25 years, Marie-Christine Chauvin has launched ALMERIA GARDEN®, her new organic beauty care line. 

Deeply convinced that the future of cosmetics lies in a return to natural and organic products, Marie-Christine Chauvin wanted for her new line of cosmetics to associate the power of plants to traditional techniques of self massage (Shiatsu and Do in) easy to reproduce at home.

The healing and relaxing properties are enhanced, the skin is radiant and vibrant.


The brand Almeria Garden ® qui claims a real and true ecological awareness :

• Natural and high quality products,
• A maximum of ingredients stemming from organic farming,
Paraben free, GMO free, PolyEthyleneGlycol free, without synthetic dye, silicone free,
  not tested on animals, and overpackaging free,
• Tests of real effectiveness,
• Communication on recycled paper, to protect our planet
• Noble materials, such as glass, chinaware, organdie, recyclable or reusable,
• Innovative textures.

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An intense hydration and a visible difference (hydration tests).
98.33 *
The anti-ageing skin care. Spectacular results (clinical tests).
96.32 *
An exceptional skin care . Radiant effect and velvet touch guarantied.
64.92 *
A genuine rejuvenation that will give back your skin its radiance (hydration tests).
69.03 *